Glass painting and tiffany… in the beautiful Greek sunshine!

Apr, 05, 2014 PELI News

What might you enjoy more than a week learning about glass painting and tiffany glass art? How about a week learning about glass painting and tiffany… in the beautiful Greek sunshine? PELI Glass has joined up with Miniati Travel ( and put together a one-week glass painting workshop in Greece. This course combines traditional and …

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New in the PELI Webshop!

Dec, 04, 2013 PELI News

Steel-reinforced H-profile lead came: Our newest offering! Standard sizes are: 8/5/3.5, 10/5/3.5, 12/5/3.5, available in flat or flat beaded. Do you want to see a free sample? Just let us know and we’ll send it to you. Inlay steel strip: 4.3 x 1.4 mm. € 14.50/kg. Approximately 12 strips per kilogram, each strip is 1.8 …

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We listen to you!

Nov, 21, 2013 PELI News

Thanks for your suggestions regarding the European lead came profile! In consultation with Heaps, Arnold & Heaps, they’ve changed the profile to meet your needs. The wings (leaf) are now 0.1 mm thinner and the bead on the beaded profile is slimmer, making the lead came completely similar to what you now use. You will …

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Small quantities lead came on a drum

Nov, 15, 2013 PELI News

Do you need lead came from our catalog, one that you don’t use too often, where 25 kg would be too much? We can offer you lead came on a small wooden drum, for quantities from approximately 5-10 kg (11-22 lbs).  The wooden drum is 23 cm (9 in) diameter and 13 cm (5.2 in) …

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Check for the tin side of window glass (float glass) with a drop of water

Nov, 05, 2013 PELI News

A client visited us last month and we were discussing painting on float glass. Peter mentioned that it was possible to check for the tin side of float glass with a drop of water. It’s true! You don’t have to use a UV lamp. Float glass (normal window glass) is made by floating the glass …

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4 Reasons to use oils with your glass paints as well as water

Aug, 19, 2013 PELI News

Williams & Byrne have instructional videos to show you how to paint with oil on top of unfired water-based glass paint. Why would you want to do that? You save energy since you fire multiple layers of paint at one time. You can push the oil paint here and there, see what looks best, and …

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We’ve got feeder lead came for you!

Jul, 25, 2013 PELI News

Do you manufacture your own H-profile lead came? We’ve got feeder lead came for you! Heaps, Arnold & Heaps also makes feeder lead came that will fit into your machine to make lead came. Want to see some samples first? PELI can provide you with free samples of the feeder lead came in all four …

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Glass paint: Which black is the blackest?

May, 08, 2013 PELI News

It seems strange to think that there’s black, blacker black and blackest black. It’s hard enough to say, let alone think about! But which is the blackest paint for glass? Reusche says, “The most opaque glass paint is, of course, DE458 Tracing Black Best.” Of course. I asked Stephen Byrne, of Williams & Byrne, the …

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Should I stretch lead came?

Mar, 24, 2013 PELI News

Only stretch your lead came just enough to make it straight. If it’s already straight there’s no need to stretch it. Stretching lead came makes it temporarily more rigid – but as the lead came relaxes and goes back to its original size, this extra rigidity is lost. Furthermore, weak spots will be formed that …

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Directory of glass-related courses

Mar, 17, 2013 PELI News

We have built a “Directory of glass-related courses” so you can find help for glass-related techniques anywhere in the world. It is absolutely free for your studio or school to have a listing and it is also free to view it and find studios, schools and courses. We’ll list your location, name, website address, a …

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